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Eugene Amusin

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Eugene is currently in London.

Eugene AmusinI am a freelance American photographer and professional banker. Born in Russia, raised in Brooklyn, and suburbanized in Long Island, I currently reside in London. After graduating from Stony Brook University I was employed by a bank on Wall Street and currently work in Microfinance for a large bank.  

My interest in photography is rooted in my exposure to creative arts as a child and thereafter a photo darkroom course I took at university. The subject of my photography is influenced by my interests in social and economic conditions of people, wide-ranging cultures, and traveling.

Additionally, I work with independent theatre companies in London, including Gilt & Grime and Pip Productons, to capture their art work. My work has also been shown at exhibitions, including One World - Sharing Skills; Developing People.

I hope you enjoy and do not hesitate to touch base.